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UPGRADE: Schrader Valves (reduces nitrogen leaks and allows you to check and service nitrogen) extends shock life (RECOMMENDED) $25/Shock


UPGRADE: Shock shaft refinishing (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) Extends seal life and prevents future leaks. 7 stage unprecedented refinishing process. $25/Shock


UPGRADE: TSP protective shock wrap $25/Shock
UPGRADE: Upgraded seal kit for cold cold climates (recommended for 10* and below) $20/Shock
UPGRADE: Viton Seals (Premium seals designed for longevity and heat resistance) $20/Shock
UPGRADE: Hard Chrome- Newly refinished and machined shock bodies with 3 times the rust / corrosion resistance! Comes with TSW Graphics. $75 / shock
UPGRADE: Custom Valving Let us re-valve your shocks to meet your driving needs. $15/Shock
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  1. Raul Inchausti

    Can’t wait to replace shocks

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