Send in YOUR Shocks

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Note on Shipping:

You are responsible for packaging and shipping TO US. We will reuse your packaging to send them back. We recommend shipping in a heavy duty plastic crate/ trunk with hinges at least 30" long. These can be found at Home Depot, Lowes, or Walmart. Please wrap each shock individually and place thick cardboard, plastic etc. over the ends of front shafts to prevent them from piercing through the crate. Secure with Gorilla tape, duct tape or any HD tape all the way around the crate, on all sides. We Recommend FedEx or shipping.

** Please ship shocks WITHOUT SPRINGS** You will need access to a spring compressor or shop to install the front shocks. You can ship them with springs if necessary, but it will add shipping and labor costs. Return shipping will be determined after we receive them and labor is $50 to remove, clean, and reassemble springs onto front shocks.

** Shocks are shipped WITHOUT front cap covers and spring isolators** You will reuse yours. If you need these, please let us know in the notes/ comments section on the bottom.