You Send It. We Mend It.

You Send It. We Mend It.

Shock Upgrades

Viton Seals

Viton seals have consistently out lasted the factory seals in our tests. They are proven to last longer than OE seals, and perform better in extreme temperatures!

TSW Protective Shock Wrap

Protect your shocks from the elements with our 7 mil laminated brushed aluminum wrap.

New Main Bushings Installed

New main bushings installed although all used bushings are checked for excessive wear and although in rare cases- we cannot make any guarantees of you shocks

Shock Shaft Refinishing

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED (Extends seal life and prevents future leaks by not only refinishing the main shaft, but a preparatory 7 stage unprecedented refinishing process to reduce low spots, friction, and stiction.)

Custom Valving

Want your shocks custom tuned for more comfort or better performance off road? Let us re valve your shocks to meet your driving needs. Alpha (aggressive setup for off road performance) Bravo (Both smooth on road, and moderate off road) Charlie (Comfort setup for maximum on road comfort)

Upgraded Seal Kit for Extreme Cold Climates

Recommended for any conditions under 10 degrees fahrenheit

New Rear Roost Guards

Replace you worn or broken roost guards to protect your rear shafts.

Hard Chrome

Newly refinished and machined shock bodies with 3 times the rust/corrosion resistance! Comes with TSW Graphics.